Automobile People - Ulrich Gauffrés, The Car Tuner | Made in Germany | DW | 02.03.2011
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Made in Germany

Automobile People - Ulrich Gauffrés, The Car Tuner

A man with a need for speed: Brabus engineer Ulrich Gauffrés has set a goal of reaching 400 kilometers per hour. The dedicated engine expert hopes to help the Mercedes SLS AMG set a new record at the Geneva Motor Show.

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An exhaust system made of titanium and carbon fiber aerodynamic components are some of the secrets to Ulrich Gauffrés’s success in helping make Mercedes even faster. Gauffrés is the head of Research and Development at Brabus, a high-performance tuning company in Bottrop. He's created a number of motorized masterpieces over the years - and exclusive, fast cars are the former Mercedes engineer's passion.