Austria′s FPÖ party on the rise | Reporter - On Location | DW | 14.05.2016

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Austria's FPÖ party on the rise

Austria's right-wing party, the FPÖ, is making solid gains - mostly by attacking the government's policy on refugees. But the mayor of a town that's taken in several dozen refugees is fighting the right-wingers - with a plea for tolerance.

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Dietmar Wallner is the mayor of Jenbach, a village in Austria's Tyrol region that's taken in 65 refugees. But more and more of the local residents are voting for the FPÖ -- a right-wing party that has sharply criticized the government's policy on refugees. The rise of the FPÖ and the decline in the popularity of Austria's two biggest parties could change the face of Austria's political landscape. For example, an FPÖ candidate could win the upcoming run-off election for president. Mayor Wallner is trying to stem the FPÖ tide in his village, but will his policy of tolerance succeed with local voters?

Saying "No" to the Far-Right - A Mayor in Austria
Report by Oliver Sallety.