Austerity measures and Russian spies garner readers′ attention | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 30.06.2010
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Social Media

Austerity measures and Russian spies garner readers' attention

The results of the G-20 summit and the case of 11 people arrested in the US - charged with spying for Russia - have readers sending in their opinions.

A symbolic photo illustration shows a statue of the euro smybol surrounded by the stars of the EU

To spend or not to spend - that is the question

The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD.DE reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

Merkel concedes defeat on bank levy at G-8
World summit gets underway as split between EU and US intensifies

Well, I heard that austerity also involves raising taxes, something that is not needed here in the US. No American wants that, especially with a lousy job market. Employers would only cut more jobs if taxes are raised. While she is a smart person, nobody seems to warm up to Frau Merkel too much. You should elect a chancellor from Bavaria or the Rhine area next time. That's where my family came from, and there are good people there who know how to handle things. -- D. Coon, US

Of course Germany is correct and others should follow. Spending less is the path to future prosperity. The US and other countries have huge problems. Germany does not. If they are trying to give advice to European countries beware! Germany should make its own decisions. Advice from the US, or Canada for that matter, will be irrelevant. We must believe in ourselves. Stop bowing to foreigners! Look after Europe. Support European culture and ethnicity. If we do not, we are dead. -- Kaysera, Australia

The current financial crisis, which translates into unemployment for millions here in the US, will not be remediated by cutting government spending. Indeed, if government cuts spending in the US, the economy will probably contract. One of the prime factors in this situation is a matter of the confidence of the public that economic conditions are improving. If, on the other hand, they see friends, neighbors and family members out of work with no prospects, they will become fearful of the erosion of their own economic situation and they will contract their spending. The question of mounting debts is not desirable, but the prospect of a worldwide, deflationary depression will lead to conditions of unrest that will lead to very bad social outcomes, and maybe even war! This is the time for all of the advanced nations to spend so as to create demand, without demand there can be no recovery. This was the lesson the Americans should have learned in the 1930s, but apparently the conservatives have not! -- William, US

Merkel arrives to defend European austerity measures at world summit

The hostile view of the US government regarding European austerity measures arises from the fear that a weak euro will undermine US economic growth, by making European products relatively cheaper and thus more attractive on the open market. We should not be deceived: it is the lack of supervision and control in the US finance sector that has been a major contributing factor to the economic crisis. -- Nano, France

Russia raises objections to 'contradictory' US spy allegations

At first glance, these allegations look like extracts from a John Le Carre novel. Sadly, they are real. The allegations against the 11 men and women defendants have yet to be tested in open court. The world, however, will be watching as the FBI seeks to prove its case against the defendants, claiming that they spied for Russia in the US under deep cover for more than 10 years. Espionage, it seems, never goes out of existence. -- Michael, Australia

New spy scandal exhumes Cold War – again

No, this should be viewed as political rhetoric by some US think tank experts who may pull this kind of propaganda to swing western public opinion against Russia. The history of spying in many countries is known to anybody with a computer and written about in books. The CIA and Israel's Mossad are among the best; probably much better equipped to accomplish covert operations all over the globe than the Russians as recent history plainly shows. -- G. Gosau, Canada

You better believe they have spies in Germany too. Although Ms Merkel seems totally in love with Russia, possibly due to being raised in East Germany, they probably have spies in every major country. It is best to ask yourselves not if they are a threat, but rather, why do the Russians need to do this? -- D.C., US

Compiled by Stuart Tiffen
Editor: Rob Turner

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