Asterix creator Albert Uderzo turns 90 | Books | DW | 25.04.2017
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Asterix creator Albert Uderzo turns 90

Asterix and Obelix are Albert Uderzo's most famous creations. Although he no longer illustrates the comic, he still keeps an eye on the adventures of his characters. The next volume is due to be published in October.

Good news from Gaul: In their 37th edition, "Asterix and the Race Through Italy," Asterix and Obelix embark on a trip to ancient Italy, where they encounter numerous proud Italics - the original inhabitants of Italy who share the Gauls' despise for the Romans.

"All of Italy has been occupied by the Romans. All of Italy? No! While Cesar is dreaming of a unified Italy, quite a few regions on the peninsula that cherish their independence are resisting the Roman legionnaires," according to the preamble to the book, deviating from the usual introduction.

Asterix and the Race Through Italy (picture-alliance /dpa/Egmont Ehapa)

A scene from "Asterix and the Race Through Italy"

Following "Asterix and the Picts" and "Asterix and the Missing Scroll," "Asterix and the Race Through Italy" is the third work of the two authors Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad who have successfully revived the legacy of Albert Uderzo, as well as René Goscinny who died in 1977. The new album is set to be released in more than 20 languages on October 19, 2017.

More than 370 million copies of Asterix albums have been sold worldwide since the first edition was published in 1959. The stories have been translated into 110 languages and dialects including Bavarian, Swabian and Kölsch in Germany.

2017 is a very special year for the creator of the famous Gauls, who celebrates his 90th birthday on April 25. And he's likely to be particularly pleased with the new Asterix album, as his own heritage is Italian. In addition, November marks the 40th anniversary of Goscinny's death.

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