Asia′s Growing Media Industry: Economic Challenges and Freedom of Expression | Program | DW | 21.03.2013
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Asia's Growing Media Industry: Economic Challenges and Freedom of Expression

Tuesday, 18 June 2013, 4:00 p.m., Pumpenhaus

Chinese newspapers covering US presidential election, Shanghai, China

Hosted by Deutsche Welle

The fast growing economies of South and Southeast Asia also have a deep impact on the developments in the field of media. The news media and media markets are undergoing a massive transformation. Although many countries have shaken off the political controls of the past and are operating with unprecedented freedom, censorship and violence against journalists still occur in many places. Besides facing these challenges, many media managers and editors in Asia also find it difficult to take full advantage of their new freedoms because of mounting economic pressure. Thus they often struggle to sustain their hard-won advances on the editorial front. These managers are constantly looking for solutions to build a solid economic foundation to support the creation of quality content on multiple platforms.

This panel will highlight how media personalities from Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Singapore and Pakistan walk the fine line between economic pressure and editorial independence.


Grote-Beverborg, Tobias
Distribution Executive, Deutsche Welle, Bonn, Germany


Ferdous Jana, Syeda Gulshan
Head of Alliances,, Bangladesh

Naing, Wing
General Manager, Content, Shwe Than Lwin Media Co.(SkyNet), Yangon, Myanmar

Najib, Fakhira
Managing Director, Power Radio FM - 99 Network, Pakistan

Goh, Seow Eng
Managing Director Television, Singapore Telecommunications Ltd., Singapore

Sharan, Tripurari
Director General, Doordarshan, New Delhi, India

Complete workshop on soundcloud:

WS45 - Asia’s Growing Media Industry - Economic Challenges and Freedom of Expression