Asian travelers love the Lutherhaus in Eisenach | DW Travel | DW | 16.03.2016
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Asian travelers love the Lutherhaus in Eisenach

This German museum on Martin Luther, instigator of the Protestant Reformation, has been named one of the most popular destinations for Asian tourists by a leading Chinese travel website. And it's ready to greet more.

The Lutherhaus in Eisenach has been given a Top Choice 2016 seal of approval by the website It was awarded by a panel of judges because of the positive assessments given by visitors from Asia in four different categories. The museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions for Asian tourists worldwide.

The museum’s curator Jochen Birkenmeier has expressed his pleasure at the award, adding that the bilingual presentation and the new permanent exhibition on Luther and the Bible are proving attractive for visitors with other cultural backgrounds. The museum re-opened last September after two years of renovation work.

Martin Luther is said to have spent three years in the house as a schoolboy. The museum presents him as a pupil, reformer and translator.

The museum expects to attract large numbers of visitors next year as the publication of Luther’s 95 theses is set to celebrate its 500th anniversary, on October 31, 2017. The reformation had an effect in Germany and abroad. The anniversary will be marked by international projects, exhibitions and other events.

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