Arts.21 - The rise of young women in film | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 03.08.2018
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Arts.21 - The rise of young women in film

All over the world, women are taking the film industry by storm. What motivates them? How did they get their break? Five filmmakers - all Berlinale Talents participants - tell us about their struggle for recognition. Arts.21 Special.

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Iliana Sosa (Director, USA / Mexico) "The reality is, it's difficult for women of color to make films," says Iliana Sosa, a US filmmaker with Mexican roots. As a woman with an immigrant background, she has a lot to say in the fight against racism and sexism.



Muzna Almusafer (Director, Oman) The film industry in her home country is minimal, and funding is next to non-existent. Muzna Almusafer is one of the very few female directors from Oman. Her work analyzes female role models and the Western view of Muslim women.


Caitlin Mae Burke (Producer, USA) New Yorker Catlin Mae Burke is a successful, Emmy-winning producer of independent films. Her next goal is an Oscar. She makes a conscious effort to hire women, and looks forward to a time when they're judged purely on their merit.


Elit Işcan (Actress, Turkey) Elit Işcan loves the theme of rebellion. Her characters are strong-willed - they fight against forced marriage or oppression. She uses her role as an actress to subvert the expectations of women in Turkish society.


Laura Vandewynckel (Animation Artist, Belgium) The Belgian filmmaker uses animation to depict brutal topics, which makes her videos all the more unsettling. She addresses violence against women and calls modern, affluent societies into question.