Arts.21 - Meet the artist! Richard Ford | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 11.08.2019
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Arts.21 - Meet the artist! Richard Ford

Richard Ford is a major American author – and one of the sharpest critics of President Donald Trump. His books are international bestsellers. His first great success came in 1986 with the novel "The Sportswriter".

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Richard Ford was born in Jackson, Mississippi in 1944. After graduating with degrees in English and creative writing, he held down various jobs, including that of sports reporter. "The Sportswriter" was the name of the novel that gave him his breakthrough in 1986. It was the first appearance of his central character Frank Bascombe - a reporter, divorced father, representative of the American middle class. Ford wrote three more novels featuring the protagonist, whose life reflects that of the entire nation. In 1996 Ford received the Pulitzer Prize for "Independence Day", the second book in the series. We spoke to the writer in Hamburg on the occasion of his receipt of the Siegfried Lenz Prize. We asked him how he sees the US under President Trump, about the power of language and his literary role models. "All I ever wanted to do," says Ford, "was my best. And I've done that."