Art Capital Berlin - What′s Behind the Hype? | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 22.06.2010
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Art Capital Berlin - What's Behind the Hype?

The art magazine 'Monocle' recently referred to Berlin as a down at heel city but a paradise for creative types - and put it in its top ten city ranking list.


The capital's mayor calls it "poor but sexy", and in the last twenty years, it's certainly propelled itself to the forefront of the contemporary art world: a busy creative hub and a magnet not only for artists but also for gallery-owners, collectors and art lovers.

Between Hip and High-End – The Evolution of the Berlin Biennale

12.06.2010 DW-TV Kultur21 Berlin Biennale

Our reporters check out the latest trends and discoveries at the event, which has become one of the most important dates on the German art calendar.

Turnstile – Where Art from Eastern and Western Europe Meet

12.06.2010 DW-TV Kultur21 Petrit Halilaj.jpg

Petrit Halilaj

We visit two Biennale artists at home: Petrit Halilaj from Pristina and Marie Voignier from Paris. Like many artists, they divide their time between their home countries and Berlin.

12.06.2010 DW-TV Kultur21 Marie Voignier

Marie Voignier

Masters of Their Craft – Damien Hirst Exhibits in Berlin

12.06.2010 DW-TV Kultur21 Damien Hurst

Damien Hirst

In an exclusive interview, artists Damien Hirst and Michael Joo will be talking about their new shows in Berlin and their thoughts on Germany and the German capital.

Hype or the Real Thing – Is Berlin Really an Art Capital?

Is Berlin still sexy? After twenty years in the vanguard of the zeitgeist, the dust is starting to settle in the capital's art scene. Galleries still come and go, and insiders say that creative types will soon be heading off to pastures new - the next happening cities such as Warsaw and Istanbul. A recent study revealed that Berlin wastes a lot of opportunity, and still doesn't really know how to harness its potential. ARTS.21 discovers what's really behind the Berlin art hype.

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