Arsenal′s Mesut Özil targets Thierry Henry and Premier League assists record | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 15.02.2016
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Arsenal's Mesut Özil targets Thierry Henry and Premier League assists record

Arsenal's German assist king looks set to catch Thierry Henry, who holds the record for the most set ups in an EPL season. Özil has 12 games left to equal the feat, and potentially help the Gunners to a league title.

If Arsenal go on to win this season's English Premier League, many will point to Danny Welbeck's last-minute winner in Sunday's 2-1 defeat of Leicester City as having been pivotal in the title race. Welbeck came off the bench and headed in Mesut Özil's pinpoint delivery in stoppage time to keep Arsenal within two points of top-of-the-table Leicester.

But Özil may have another target in mind - the highest number of assists in one season. With 17 so far this campaign, he has already tied Cesc Fabregas' best total from 2008.

With 12 league games left in the season, Özil needs to create another three goals to tie with Arsenal great Thierry Henry who, with 20, holds the single-season record for assists, according to Opta, the official data partner of the Premier League.

Over his Premier League career, Özil has also posted the best-ever assists-to-games ratio, teeing up a goal for his teammates every 2.1 games.