Anja Kueppers-McKinnon | DW News - latest news and breaking stories | DW | 18.06.2019

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DW News

Anja Kueppers-McKinnon

Born in Australia to German parents, I grew up in the UK speaking both English and German and have worked as a journalist across five continents. DW’s international newsroom is a natural fit for me.

I report, produce, write and anchor news shows, and have been working at DW TV in Berlin since 2015.

I started working as a broadcast journalist in Australia, where I completed my Masters degree in journalism in Sydney. I got my first taste of international journalism interning at the Australian Broadcasting Coorporation, working on its flagship international current affairs programme 'Foreign Correspondent'.

My next move took me to Deutsche Welle in Bonn, where I worked as a radio presenter and reporter. I hosted the environment and business shows, reported from the UN climate conference in Nairobi, and spent a month in northern India producing a documentary about gender equality in Uttar Pradesh.

My time in Bonn was followed by several years in Washington, D.C. working in the field of climate and energy policy at the German Embassy. Then it was back to London again, before moving to Berlin to work for DW TV’s English service.

What do I strive to be as a journalist?
It's all about people - what they're doing, how they're feeling and how they're affected by what's happening in their neighborhood, city, country or part of the world. Being aware of what's happening in the news is important for all of us - especially at a time in our history when things are changing so fast. It’s my job to craft and narrate it in a way that makes people sit up, enjoy watching and understand why it matters for them.

Favorite quote:

"When it feels scary to jump, that is exactly the right time to jump - or you'll stay in the same place your entire life”


I speak English and German fluently, and decent French after a glass of wine.