An interactive journey of discovery | German-Jewish Cultural Heritage | DW | 29.11.2012
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German-Jewish Cultural Heritage

An interactive journey of discovery

From Argentina to the Ukraine, from the US to China, from Portugal to South Africa: DW's reporting teams have been discovering the stories of German-Jewish émigrés and the generations that followed.

In this project, you are invited to go in search of history. Follow the paths of our reporters to 10 countries and discover the stories, memories and history of German-Jewish émigrés around the world.

You are invited to attend a Brazilian-German-Jewish family celebration at the home of the Hamburger family in Sao Paulo; accompany Sonja Mühlberger as she tours her birthplace in Shanghai; meet the author who writes books about his German-Jewish roots, Ariel Magnus, in Buenos Aires; join the photographer of synagogues old and new, Izzet Keribar, in Istanbul; and visit the filmmaker Ethan Bensinger, whose forebears founded the Selfhelp Home in Chicago.

But that's not all. In our interactive project, you'll find a wealth of information about Jewish history in the 10 different countries we visited. "Traces of German-Jewish Heritage" is a truly multimedia project, filled with the films, photographs, interviews and stories we gathered during our travels to 10 different countries.

Our project was supported with finance from the Federal Foreign Office in Germany and the Moses Mendelssohn Center in Potsdam. Historians at the Moses Mendelssohn Center continue to research traces of German-Jewish heritage around the world and we thank them for the helpful tips they provided.

Follow our teams, tell your friends and family, and above all: Let us know your thoughts on the project, and maybe also where you think the search for traces of German-Jewish heritage can continue.

Cornelia Rabitz directed the Traces of German-Jewish Cultural Heritage project.