An Impossible Journey? - Nidal Wants to Return to Gaza | DocFilm | DW | 13.07.2019
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An Impossible Journey? - Nidal Wants to Return to Gaza

German-Palestinian Nidal wants to return from Berlin to his family in the Gaza Strip. But will Israel allow a Palestinian to pass through the country? And will the Palestinian Hamas government let him enter?

Watch video 26:06

This documentary follows Nidal Bulbul, a naturalized German citizen born in Gaza, on an exciting and emotional journey. He has not seen his parents or his ten siblings for over four years. A former reporter, he set up a successful café in the German capital. He’s made new friends, built a new life. But he always worries about his family back in his old home - a feeling that many who have found shelter from war or persecution in Europe know all to well. When everything points to a new escalation between Israel and Gaza, Nidal drops everything from one day to the next. He sells his café, gives his dog to friends and leaves for Gaza. But there are only two ways to get there: through Egypt or through Israel. Nidal wants to try the Israeli route, but it is unclear whether the Israeli authorities will accept his German passport and let him though the country to Gaza. And even if they do, will the radical Islamist Hamas government allow him in?