′American Hustle′ and ′12 Years a Slave′ scoop Golden Globe honors | News | DW | 13.01.2014
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'American Hustle' and '12 Years a Slave' scoop Golden Globe honors

The slavery drama "12 Years a Slave" has won the Best Motion Picture in drama in this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Meanwhile, the con-artist caper "American Hustle" stole the show in non-drama.

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Golden Globes awarded in Los Angeles

The two biggest movies in terms of nominations on Sunday evening - "12 Years a Slave" and "American Hustle" - were largely kept from competing with each other, thanks to the Golden Globes' division between drama and comedy/musicals.

Both "12 Years a Slave" and the con-artist caper "American Hustle" had the most nominations ahead of the ceremony - with seven each. However, "American Hustle" was entered as a comedy - a choice that had raised some eyebrows ahead of the event.

The Best Motion Picture category for drama did have some degree of competition though, with "12 Years A Slave" - a brutal depiction of pre-Civil War slavery - going up against the 3D-favorite space adventure "Gravity."

In the end, it was historical drama - directed by Steve McQueen - that garnered the full acclaim of the judges - reinforcing its credentials as an Oscars contender.

"American Hustle" - a 1970s New York corruption romp - went along with expectations, emerging as the Best Motion Picture among its rivals. Inspired by an FBI sting operation in the 1970s known as ABSCAM, the film also held its own when it came to acting awards.

"Gravity" did, however, win one of the top awards, with Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron judged Best Director.

Crime emerges as acting hit

In the Best Actress categories for the comedy or musical section, meanwhile, Amy Adams won the award for a female with her role in "American Hustle." Adams starred as a con-artist strong armed into helping the FBI.

In the Best Actor category for non-dramas, honors went to Leonardo de Caprio for his depiction of the convicted American stockbroker Jordan Belfort in "The Wolf of Wall Street."

In the drama section, Best Actor was Matthew McConaughey for his part in "Dallas Buyers' Club" - playing an Aids patient who smuggles unapproved pharmaceutical drugs that relieve his symptoms into Texas. Cate Blanchett, meanwhile, was rewarded as Best Actress in drama for her role in "Blue Jasmine," Woody Allen's most recent offering, said - although not by the director himself - to be a reworking of "A Streetcar named Desire."

Italian film proves attractive

Best Supporting Actress in any movie went to Jennifer Lawrence, for her role in "American Hustle." The plaudit for Best Supporting Actor belonged to Jared Leto for his part in "Dallas Buyers' Club."

Best Foreign Language Film was scooped by Italy's "The Great Beauty," about the life and reflections of an ageing socialite living in Rome. Best Animated Feature Film went to the Disney heart-warmer "Frozen."

There was little in the way of surprise when it came to Best Television Drama Series, which went to the AMC hit "Breaking Bad." The show's Bryan Cranston - who plays a chemistry teacher turned illegal drugs producer Walter White - picked up the award for Best Actor in a Television Series.

rc/av (AFP, AP, dpa, Reuters)

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