Amen with a difference - And an online blessing | Reporter - On Location | DW | 17.04.2021
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Amen with a difference - And an online blessing

Pastors Ellen and Stefanie Radtke are married and lead a church congregation – besides running the YouTube channel “Anders Amen” (Amen with a Difference). They are a big hit online, but their bishop says it is not his thing.

Watch video 12:35

On YouTube, the two pastors compare queer sex practices with the symbols of the church year or let their followers join in on their journey to have a child through a sperm donor. In the offline world, they are typical small-town pastors, tending to funerals, afternoon events for seniors, and confirmations. The inhabitants of the tranquil Northern German village of Eime are perfectly at ease with the pastor duo’s hugely successful YouTube channel and its queer content.