All for a Good Cause - Sustainable Banking | DocFilm | DW | 23.11.2019
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All for a Good Cause - Sustainable Banking

Banks committed to sustainably investing every cent in ecological projects should be environmentally friendly and meet accepted social standards. But what exactly does "sustainability" actually mean? And can you make money with it?

Watch video 26:06

The Dutch Triodos Bank, for example, invests exclusively in projects that it considers sustainable. We accompany a bank employee to a former maltings in Berlin, where he checks whether the bank can provide loans for development. The old factory premises are to be modernized, with studios for artists, beehives on the roof and a swimming pond filled with filtered rainwater. But is that enough for an investment by the bank? In the meantime, it is no longer just smaller companies and projects that are using sustainability to enhance their image. Some listed stock corporations and international funds are doing it too. But can an aluminum plant be sustainable? Sustainability consultant Alfred Strigl visits Austria Metall AG in Austria to find out more. Strigl sits on the Ethics Board of Kepler Fond KAG, which adheres to strict guidelines when deciding where to place many billions of investments, much of it from institutional funds. The film shows that sustainable investing can pay off: for the environment, for consumers and for banks. And anyone who dares to provide risk capital - for a company that wants to produce paper from grass, for example - can earn a lot of money, and also lose it. Just like in conventional banking.