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Learning German

Learn German with ALEXA

"ALEXA, open the DW Learn German Quiz"–Here is our new, free Amazon ALEXA Skill designed to help you learn German. Test your knowledge on Germany, learn exciting facts and have fun practicing your German with ALEXA.


What is ALEXA?

ALEXA is a digital personal assistant, a voice activated bot by Amazon that processes requests. ALEXA Skills are additional features that can be enabled online. They can be voice activated or activated through the Amazon Skill store.

What exactly is our ALEXA Skill "DW Learn German Quiz"?

It is a fun quiz for beginners who have questions about Germany's different regions. With our quiz, you can learn German by playing and practicing your listening comprehension.

What's in store for me?

The main question is: How well do you know Germany’s regions? For example, which German city has the most bridges? What is the most popular German souvenir? Where is the highest mountain? What number do I call in case of an emergency in Germany?
These and other entertaining questions are waiting for you in our new English-German ALEXA Skill "DW Learn German Quiz." The virtual assistant ALEXA and its human co-presenter Neil will guide you through the quiz in English.
The quiz questions are always in German. They are spoken slowly and clearly so that you can actively practice listening comprehension.

How is the ALEXA quiz structured?

For every German question, you have two answers to choose from. You just have to say "A" or "B" in English. If you answer incorrectly, you get a short English explanation about the wrong answer and the German quiz question will be repeated in a shortened version. You can always get brief information on the topic in English and learn fun, new facts. You can stop the quiz any time and continue another time.

Can beginners play the quiz?

Yes, our ALEXA Skill "DW Learn German Quiz" makes guessing a fun way to learn for beginners. The English instructions provide you with an introduction to the topic without giving away the answers. The German quiz questions are asked in a simple manner and are clearly spoken. Even if you do not understand all the words, you can acquire vocabulary through context. All answers - both the wrong and the right ones - are supplemented with a short English explanation. All background information is provided in English.

What commands does this ALEXA Skill understand?

To use our bilingual Skill, your ALEXA must be set to English.
Open the Skill by saying,"ALEXA, open DW Learn German Quiz!"or, "ALEXA, open the German Quiz! "
Use "A" or "B" to select the answers.
If you want to hear the background information, you say "yes" - if not, say "no."

More commands:

"Go back" or only "back" = go one question back
"Skip" / "next" = go to the next question
"Repeat" / "repeat question" = repeat a question
"Go to" question" / "go to a question number"

What do I need to use the new ALEXA Skill?

You need a device from Amazon's range of language assistants (e.g. Echo or Echo Dot) or another product that integrates the language software into its devices. The device must be installed using an Amazon account in one of these regions and the language set to English: USA (English), United Kingdom (English), Canada (English), Australia (English), India (English).

It is easy to install the ALEXAdevice:

1. Plug the device into the electrical outlet
2. Connect to wifi
3. Install ALEXA app
4. Open the Skill right away by saying, "ALEXA, open the DW Learn German Quiz!"


Have fun with the "DW Learn German Quiz" Skill


The links to our quiz:

USA: https://www.amazon.com/Deutsche-Welle-Learn-German-Quiz/dp/B07S51HP1P
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Deutsche-Welle-Learn-German-Quiz/dp/B07S51HP1P
Australia: https://www.amazon.com.au/Deutsche-Welle-Learn-German-Quiz/dp/B07S51HP1P
Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/Deutsche-Welle-Learn-German-Quiz/dp/B07S51HP1P
India: https://www.amazon.in/Deutsche-Welle-Learn-German-Quiz/dp/B07S51HP1P

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