Aldi Brothers Are Richest Germans | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 11.10.2005
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Aldi Brothers Are Richest Germans

The founders of supermarket discounter Aldi, Karl and Theo Albrecht, are the richest Germans, according an annual ranking in the monthly Manager Magazin. Once again the brothers are well ahead of the rest of the country. The magazine estimated that 85-year-old Karl Albrecht, who heads up the southern branch of Aldi, is worth over 15.6 billion euros ($18.7 billion). Theo Albrecht (83), who leads the northern branch of Aldi, has a fortune of 15.1 billion euros. The Albrecht brothers are ranked the ninth and tenth richest people in the world. Susanne Klatten (43), a shareholder in pharmaceutical company Altana and carmaker BMW, is the third richest German with 7.8 billion euros. Reinhard Mohn (84) the great grandson of Carl Bertelsmann, who founded the publishing empire of the same name, ranks fourth with around 6.5 billion euros. The Otto family, owner of Otto mail-order company and Freidrich Carl Flick (78) of Flick Holding each share fifth place with around 5.5 billion euros each.

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