Al Natour, Wafeeq Khaled Ibrahim | Speakers | DW | 15.04.2011
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Al Natour, Wafeeq Khaled Ibrahim

Director of Research and Media Consultant at BADAEL


Wafeeq Al Natour, known by the nick name Khalil Shaheen, is a Palestinian journalist, media expert, researcher and well-known political and media analyst. Currently he is the director of research and media consultant at BADAEL, a Palestine media, research and studies center in Ramallah. He has worked as a journalist, editor and researcher at several institutions, newspapers and magazines in Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Jordan and Palestinian Territories, since 1981. Al Natour is also the senior researcher and media analyst for several monitoring media coverage and professionalism reports, in fields of Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Palestinian internal conflict between Fatah and Hamas movements, Islamic, independent (secular) and public media in Palestinian Territories, elections and gender bias in media. These reports have been issued by MIFTAH, FILASTINIYAT, MUWATIN, The Central elections commission – Palestine and IREX.

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