Afghan governor targeted in Taliban attack | News | DW | 28.04.2012
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Afghan governor targeted in Taliban attack

A provincial governor in Afghanistan was the target of an attack by Taliban militants. Governor Tooryalai Wesa survived, but two of his guards were killed.

Two men used guns hidden in their shoes to start a gun battle at a provincial governor's compound in southern Afghanistan on Saturday, resulting in the deaths of two guards in addition to the gunmen themselves.

The target of the attack, which has been claimed by the Taliban, was Kandahar Governor Tooryalai Wesa. He said the guards made it past security with the guns hidden.

"The insurgents are not stupid," Wesa said. "They had hidden very small guns in their shoes and at two checkpoints they didn't catch them.

He added that the men had come under the pretense that they wanted the governor to intervene on behalf of relatives who had been detained, a request that is not uncommon.

They aroused suspicion of other guards at the final checkpoint before the governor's office. When confronted, the militants took out their guns and shot the guards dead before taking the guards' weapons and opening fire.

The ensuing gun battle lasted about 30 minutes before the militants were killed.

Police also found two cars laden with explosives outside the governor's compound but were able to defuse the devices.

Wesa was in his office at the time of the attack but was not injured.

mz/jm (AFP, dpa, AP)