admire it! 24-hours of Dubai | Drive it! - The Motor Magazine | DW | 16.02.2011
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Drive it!

admire it! 24-hours of Dubai

The race course at the Dubai Autodrome is 5.39 kilometers long. With a mix of long straight-aways, fast sweeping curves and tight hairpins, it poses a special challenge for both driver and machine.

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The course was originally designed for Formula One races, but it is also the venue for a 24-hour endurance race that attracts both amateur and professional drivers, as well as the fastest classes of car out there. The sixth annual 24-hours of Dubai saw 84 cars from 19 manufacturers battling through the night and day. The winning car, a BMW Z4, finished 594 laps and made 20 pit stops. Third place went to a Mercedes SLS AMG that made its premiere in Dubai.