Action Packed Ruhr Derby Ends in Draw | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 11.09.2004
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Action Packed Ruhr Derby Ends in Draw

VfL Bochum drew with Borussia Dortmund in a classic Ruhr Valley derby on Saturday 2-2. It was a match packed with emotion and action including a penalty kick and an own goal.


Dortmund's Sunday Oliseh used to play for Bochum

The Ruhr derby in Bochum was a match that keep fans on both sides on the edge of their seats. The 32,000 spectators had plenty of reasons to be heated up in the sold out stadium. In the week prior to the match there had been a war of words between Dortmund's Sunday Oliseh and his former coach at Bochum Peter Neururer.

"Before the match it was difficult," said Oliseh, who had to leave Bochum after breaking the nose of a fellow player last season. "It was hard because I played with my heart here."

VfL Bochum Fans

Going into the game, Bochum was in fifth place and they remain unbeaten, but the team has only one win this season. Dortmund, three places behind before the match also wanted three points from their rivals 20 minutes down the autobahn.

After starting out cautiously, the action got underway in the 16th minute as Bochum's Raymond Kalla scored with a header after captain Dariusz Wosz set up his shot. Dortmund's defense was very wobbly in the early part of the game and only after the BVB started attacking again in the end of the first half did the team seem settle into a rhythm.

After the break Dortmund came out much stronger and Czech giant Jan Koller promptly scored the equalizer in the 48th minute. It was a free kick taken by Oliseh that set up Koller's shot.

Fußball Fan, Borussia Dortmund

Only minutes later, the BVB keeper Guillaume Warmuz unnecessarily fouled a Bochum player and the referee called for a penalty kick. But Madsen was unable to convert it as Warmuz luckily saw the deflected ball bounce on the cross bar.

After throwing away the chance to retake the lead, Bochum saw themselves go behind in the 59th minute after Ewerthon headed in a corner kick. Dortmund seemed to have the upper hand after that goal. But Bochum never gave up, which would eventually pay off in the 75th minute.

It was then that Lokvenc smashed a shot at close range into the BVB goalie. The deflected shot was then put in the goal by Dortmund's Guy Demel for an own goal and the equalizer. That encouraged Bochum to renew the attack and try and snatch a win in the waning minutes of the match. But neither side was able to seriously threaten the other, leaving the Ruhr Valley with a well deserved high-scoring draw.

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