Acting Director of DW Akademie | Management | DW | 23.05.2018
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Acting Director of DW Akademie

Ute Schaeffer, born in 1969, has been acting director of DW Akademie, a leading international media development organization, since May 2018.

In addition, she remains in charge of the department of media development at DW Akademie.

Schaeffer came to DW Akademie in 2014 after three years as editor-in-chief of Deutsche Welle in Bonn.  

She joined DW in 1995 as an editor on the politics and economics editorial team. In 2001 she became head of the Ukrainian service and later, head of the French Service. For six years she was in charge of the DW offerings for Africa and the Middle East.

The main focus of her work are African affairs and multilateral development cooperation.

Ute Schaeffer has degrees from the German universities of Trier and Bonn in art history, history, Romance studies and comparative literature.

T +49.228.429-2881

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  • Author Vera Tellmann
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