Abseitsfalle | Word of the Week | DW | 19.06.2012
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Word of the Week


Have you fallen into the offside trap?

With the Euro 2012 in full swing, a bit of German soccer terminology might just come in handy. Abseitsfalle refers to the offside trap. Abseits simply means offside in soccer, while Falle means trap. Abseitsfalle entered the German dictionary in 1986. For those of you not quite so familiar with soccer jargon, rules and regulations, take note: The offside trap is a defense tactic used by soccer players to push their opponents offside, rendering them unable to score. This means that when a player on the offensive team is about to be passed the ball, the defending players simultaneously run up the pitch away from the goal area, thus putting their opponent offside. It's a risky strategy and should one of the defenders fail to run, the player passed the ball has a free shot at goal. The strategy is also the subject of disciplinary action if the referee catches sight of it in play. Got it?

Author: Helen Whittle
Editor: Kate Bowen

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