Abdul Sami Leqa, Afghanistan | Media Development | DW | 03.07.2012
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Media Development

Abdul Sami Leqa, Afghanistan

The radio journalist from Kabul took part in DW Akademie's workshop "Reporting in Crisis Areas" together with nine other colleagues from his station.

Abdul Sami Lega (31) grew up under the Taliban regime and experienced the ban on freedom of expression. After the fall of the Taliban he became a journalist and took advantage of new opportunities to work in the media.

What surprised you most about the workshop?
That both trainers - although they came from Germany - held the workshop in our language, Dari. Foreign organizations often send experts who need translators for their workshops and content can get lost this way.

What did you learn?
The workshop was called "Reporting in Crisis Areas" and I was expecting theoretical lectures. But it was just the opposite. We received practical training in live reporting as it’s used in crisis areas. It’s a good skill to have, especially in Afghanistan, where we often have to deliver fast and reliable information about attacks and suicide bombers.

What did you personally gain from the seminar?
It was a good experience to meet trainers who understood our cultural background and who showed us that journalism can be independent.

How was the group atmosphere?
Nice and pleasant. We come from different ethnic backgrounds - Pashtun, Tajik as well as a Turkmen colleague - and we sat and worked together on the exercises.

The DW-Akademie to me is….
…one of the best opportunities to improve my journalistic skills without leaving Kabul.

What did you do at the end of a workshop day?
I had my radio shifts right afterwards and was able to benefit from what I had learned.

What do you usually do in your free time?
I practice Tai Chi on a regular basis. And once a week I give science classes to young girls who don't have access to higher education.

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