Aaron Tilton | DW News - latest news and breaking stories | DW | 11.05.2020
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DW News

Aaron Tilton

He’s a US-born, German educated journalist with a passion for languages and eclectic interests including technology, European politics and all things Russian.

Born in:
Galena, Il. USA


English, German, Russian


Degrees/Journalistic experience:
M.A. Mediastudies with a decade of experience in TV production in Germany as well as online journalism.


With DW since:


Favorite quote:
Always carry two arrows to your bow.


What do I strive to be as a journalist?

I’ve always been naturally curious about other cultures and countries. But growing up in a small, midwestern town, it was hard enough to see beyond my hometown’s borders. I want to tell stories that help people better understand the people and places just over the horizon.

7 songs that have changed my life

  • ‘All Along the Watch Tower’, Jimi Hendrix
  • ‘The Wicker Man’, Iron Maiden
  • ‘Schritt für Schritt ins Paradies’, Ton Steine Scherben
  • ‘Ocean’, John Butler
  • Any song by Extrawelt
  • ‘Once in a Lifetime’, Talking Heads
  • ‘Lush Life’, Charlie Parker