A Turkish Movie and Smoking in Germany | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 22.02.2006
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A Turkish Movie and Smoking in Germany

DW-WORLD readers this week commented on calls to ban a controversial Turkish movie as well as Germany's lax anti-smoking laws.


Messages like this one don't seem to convince Germans

The followi n g comme n ts reflect the views of our readers. Not all reader comme n ts have bee n published. DW-WORLD reserves the right to edit for le n gth a n d appropriate n ess of co n te n t.

Turkish movie

It's free speech; we should extend the same rights to others, whether we agree with them or not. Besides, do Western countries not show movies that have the potential to color movie-goers opinions and claim the theme is based on fact rather than fiction? What right, therefore, do we have to deny another country to do the same thing? Our citizens have the same ability to commit violence against others based on this flawed version and have been arrested and tried in courts of law when they act on what they think is truth. It's up to the citizens to decide what to believe, not governments. -- Ti n a Bastie n

Kurtlar Vadisi - Tal der Wölfe Filmplakat

More than 200,000 people have seen the film in Germany

To every picture there are two sides. If we only show one side of an issue, we are acting as censors and discriminate. Thus the anti-American movie should be given an airing, so as to let people who view it express their views. That is what democracy is all about. -- Ke n n eth T. Tellis, Ca n ada

I really feel that the whole premise of "Valley of The Wolves - Iraq" is steeped in hypocrisy. The film's Turkish producers falsely accuse the United States of "atrocities," yet they are all too quick to brush aside Turkish atrocities and genocide against Greeks, Austrians, Croatians, Armenians, and Kurds. If the media in the Muslim world is attempting to whip their audience in a world-ending, hate-filled frenzy, they are certainly on the right track. -- D. Short, US

There are many movies where Muslims have been shown as bad guys. So, why is it a big deal when a Jewish doctor and Americans are shown as bad guys? It is just a movie. -- Serpil

Why should it be pulled? Are you afraid to look at both sides? The world has listened to the lies of the US administration and survived. Do you think we can't survive a view from Turkey? -- ramco

Tal der Wölfe - Irak Filmszene

Scene from the movie

While I am saddened that the movie might fan the flames of hatred between East and West, Muslim and Christian, Turkey and the US, I believe it should not be banned. Freedom of expression should be honored in every country. The Turks have a story to tell and the US and the west has their propaganda film machine running full blast out of Hollywood for years. Let's acknowledge that there are two sides to every story. -- alie n so n missio n

As an American, I tend to look at movies as entertainment. Therefore, this Turkish movie, while I do not agree with it, seems no different than the portrayal of Muslims in US movies. If a movie truly offends, then do as I do and don't go. That sends a better message to those who made the movie than to ban it outright. -- lordgarth999

Smoki n g

Rauchen in der Schule

Some German states have banned smoking in schools

I have quit smoking more than a year ago just for the reason that the government has raised the tobacco tax. I said to myself I will not support the sin taxes and not destroy my lungs. -- Agatha Ki n g

It's bad enough that Germany's pro-tobacco policies are costing the country so much premature death, suffering and money. But the secondhand smoke injuring and killing so many Germans is hard to believe in a nation that prides itself on freedom. What about the freedom to work without getting cancer or suffering a heart attack, due to indoor air pollution from smokers? Time for Germany to wake up, smell the clean air, and take control for health policies away from international tobacco companies! -- c.covertbowlds

Discriminating against smokers should be against the law of any land. Although in Ireland and now in England, parliament is openly discriminating against the right of free choice, smokers should have the right to set up or use existing premises were people wish to smoke. -- Greg Burrows, E n gla n d

Spanien - Antirauchergesetz

Germany's still far away from an outright ban like the one in Spain

I am a US citizen and I have been living in Germany for one year. I love Germany and Europe except for the smoking in public areas. I would support a ban on smoking in public places. I chose not to smoke because it is bad for my health. Breathing in someone else's exhaled smoke is also harmful and I should not be forced to do this every time I enter a public area where others are smoking. -- Steve n Cole

I find that Germany is encouraging the smoking habits. Passive smoking affects a lot for non-smokers like me. I have tough time in restaurants, pubs and even in bus/ tram stops in the middle of smokers. I thank that people don't smoke at least in the classrooms. In an environmentally conscious country like Germany, I feel that the government should take immediate and necessary steps to prohibit smoking in public places. -- Sa n kar, a n I n dia n stude n t i n Germa n y

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  • Date 22.02.2006
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