A Sunday in a museum | Travel Distribution | DW | 19.05.2017
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A Sunday in a museum

Lots of venues in Germany are celebrating International Museum Day with special exhibitions. The museums show visitors how they work and display some exhibits for the first time.

Over 1,600 museums in Germany are taking part in International Museum Day on May 21 2017. Visitors can enjoy over 4,000 special tours, workshops and lectures, take a look behind the scenes and all mostly fee of charge. 

Serious topics

This year’s events will also focus on topics like persecution, refugees and violence. In Berlin, there are free city tours that explain the Nazi era in Schöneberg or Jewish history in Berlin.

Global participation

More than 145 nations and 35,000 museums participate in International Museum Day. There are more than 6,500 museums in Germany alone. Some countries staged the event on May 18 this year. Germany, Switzerland and Austria follow on May 21.


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