A river stroll, a Bavarian meal and chocolate - all near Munich′s Viktualienmarket | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 27.03.2013
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A river stroll, a Bavarian meal and chocolate - all near Munich's Viktualienmarket

Fabian Frank, a potato vendor by day, shows DW three of his favorite places in Munich: the banks of the Isar River, a shop called Sama Sama, which specializes in chocolate, and a restaurant, Zwickl.

When visitors to Munich make an obligatory pit-stop at the city's Viktualienmarkt for food, drink, or both, they might just run into Fabian Franks.

Franks has been selling potatoes at the Viktualienmarkt for years. When he's not in the mood to eat his own wares, though, he opts for Bavarian meat delicacies at nearby Zwickl, or a spot of chocolate at Sama Sama.

After that he heads down to the Isar river - and no, it's not to watch surfers. Instead he shows DW a far quieter section that's just about perfect for a picnic.

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