A guide to the world | Insider tips for our DW travel guide | DW | 23.08.2013
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Travel Guide

A guide to the world

What makes where you’re from one of a kind? Check out our global travel guide and be inspired to set off on a journey.

A young woman sits on her suitcase and waits for the next train.

Why do people want to pack their bags and take off to your country, region or hometown?

We are also curious! Tell us why your corner of the world is a place everyone should see.

The Ganesh Festival in Pune, India, Chile’s fascinating natural beauty or the way of life in Peru – your insider tips will provide inspiration for a journey around the world.

We are putting together inspiring pictures and stories for our global travel guide. Participants with the best travel tips will win a DW travel set. You can participate until November 25, 2013. Send us your insider tip with text and pictures to mydw@dw.de.

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