A green tsunami recovery in Indonesia | Global Ideas | DW | 21.05.2013
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Global Ideas

A green tsunami recovery in Indonesia

Volunteers are helping the Pangandaran region back on its feet after a tsunami battered the region. They’re reforesting mangrove forests, building coral reefs and spreading climate awareness.

Project goal: Reforesting mangrove woods, restoring coral reefs, spreading climate awareness and promoting renewable energy

Project size: Replenishing 17 hectares of mangrove forests (around 35,000 trees), teaching coastal preservation in 30 schools, installing artificial coral reefs and consulting hotels and restaurants on energy conservation and efficiency – all with the help of several volunteers

Project volume: 1.217,000 euros ($1.58 million) as part of the International Climate Initiative

In 2006, a tsunami devastated Pangandaran, a pristine ocean-side resort and popular tourist destination. Today, hotels are back up and running and the tourists are back in force, but the local environment has been slower to recover. With support from the International Climate Initiative and the United Nations' World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the Indonesian NGO Indecon is now leading an effort to reforest Pangandaran’s mangrove woods and replenish its coral reefs. Sustainability is the key. That’s because nearly everyone in Pangandaran relies on tourism for a living - from hotels and restaurants to small farmers and fishers. And all of them need an intact and healthy environment to flourish.

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