A core for art glows in Berlin′s St. Hedwig′s Cathedral | DW Travel | DW | 26.09.2018
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A core for art glows in Berlin's St. Hedwig's Cathedral

With the art installation "Glowing Core", the Catholic basilica will be transformed into a magical space of light and sound every day as darkness falls. The installation can be seen until November 11.

Since September 1, the Berlin church building with its striking green dome not far from the Staatsoper Unter den Linden has actually been closed for conversion work. But until the construction work actually begins, the empty basilica gives room for art. Until November 11, visitors can experience the church space in a new way

Berliner Sehenswürdigkeiten - St. Hedwigs-Kathedrale

Saint Hedwig's Cathedral at the Bebelplatz

The artwork is an installation by the renowned spatial artist and sculptor Rebecca Horn entitled "Glowing Core". The 74-year-old, who enjoyed experimenting and caused a worldwide sensation with her installations, already knows the Sankt-Hedwigs-Kathedrale from her years of teaching at the Berlin University of the Arts from 1989 to 2004.

Deutschland Berlin Art Week 2018 - Installation der Künstlerin Rebecca Horn in der St. Hedwigs-Kathedrale

Interior of the cathedral

Spiritual space experience

In Horn's light-mirror construction, three golden funnels are now suspended in the centre of the church space under the dome of the cathedral, which are reflected in a moving mirror lying on the floor. On three levels above, circular screens with different cross-sections have been erected.

Rebecca Horn Ausstellung in Moskau 14.05.2013

Artist Rebecca Horn

The blue of the sky appears under the dome, creating a 20-metre-deep opening beneath the level of the floor. If the visitor looks into the rotating mirrors on the ground, he sees into the depth of a bright light tube - a view into the "glowing core". If he directs his gaze upwards, he rises, so to speak, into a vortex of light, into the height of a blue light. Horn explains: "As an observer one is caught in this process of ascending and falling. The blue of the sky and the depth of the sea are suspended through the building. The vortices of water flow through golden funnels to the ceiling, but one finds oneself at the bottom of the fountain in a rotating universe." Thus the work of art corresponds in a special way with the architecture of the cathedral and enables a conscious perception of the circular building.

Deutschland Berlin Art Week 2018 - Installation der Künstlerin Rebecca Horn in der St. Hedwigs-Kathedrale

Art installation "Glowing Core"

Art enjoyment only in the dark

Horn insists, in contrast to the previous presentation of "Glowing Core" in Palma de Mallorca in 2015, that this time the installation may only be shown in the dark. Since the St. Hedwig's Cathedral cannot be darkened during the day because of the light dome, the church room will not be accessible to visitors until after dark. From 6:50 p.m. - after sunset - until 11 p.m., the dome is illuminated by the glowing golden rays above the funnel and by side lights, the mirror corridors are transformed into light channels. The installation can be seen until November 11.

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