A coproduction that speaks volumes | Business & Sales | DW | 07.11.2019
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Business & Sales

A coproduction that speaks volumes

After successful year, Eco India decided to take the next step by broadcasting in Hindi.

Eco India has been broadcast with the help of DW partner Scroll.in since 2018. It’s a magazine dedicated to the amazing Indian subcontinent that features compelling subjects in Asia and Europe: environment, sustainability, technology and social themes.

Since September, it is also being broadcast in Hindi. In India, around 600 million people speak Hindi, making this move a logical next step. Both DW and partner Scroll.in saw the potential that Eco India could have in additional languages.

“The Hindi version of Eco India will help us in many of the demanding, multilingual markets in India,” says Petra Schneider, Director of Distribution at DW. “Several digital platforms and TV partners have already shown interest.”

The show is hosted by Sannuta Raghu who has been an executive producer (video) at Scroll.in since 2016. She hosts both the English and Hindi versions of the program.

Eco India looks at the energy of tomorrow, alternative resource management, the future of mobility, urbanization, biodiversity, conservation, sustainable consumption, the effects of climate change, inequality and innovative technologies. Eco India is interactive, giving viewers the possibility to tell their own stories, with photos or videos, share their ideas and initiatives.