60 Years on, Dietrich Film Gets TV Debut | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 24.08.2005
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60 Years on, Dietrich Film Gets TV Debut

A film starring the late screen siren Marlene Dietrich will debut on television in her native Germany this week, nearly 60 years after it was made. Franco-German television station Arte said it would broadcast the 1946 drama "Martin Roumagnac" featuring Dietrich and her then lover, French actor Jean Gabin, on Thursday. The French production -- the only one to show Dietrich and Gabin together -- was unearthed in the archives of the Kirch media empire after it went bankrupt three years ago. "The film surfaced at Kirch during the course of the insolvency hearings and Arte bought the rights last year," the channel's film programming chief Holger Stern said. The movie, which was filmed in French, will be shown in Germany in a dubbed version, which also dates from 1946, and in the original version in France. The picture features Gabin as the bricklayer of the title who meets his ruin when he falls for Blanche, played by the smouldering Dietrich.

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