5 European celebrities who you probably didn′t know have been winemakers | High Five | DW | 21.10.2016
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High Five

5 European celebrities who you probably didn't know have been winemakers

It's popular to live on a winery, but not everyone is serious about making wine. However, these five stars have really enjoyed the job.

Gérard Depardieu's latest film, "Saint Amour," has just hit cinemas in Germany. The actor plays a man who travels with his son through a wine region, where they work through their strained relationship between the vines.

14 bottles a day

Depardieu in wine country is certainly a fitting role for the French star. In addition to acting, he is also well known for his alcohol addition. He once said in an interview that he consumes up to 14 bottles of alcoholic beverages a day, preferring wine, beer, champagne, whiskey and pastis.

His drinking has gotten him in to quite a bit of trouble and has been the cause of 18 car accidents. Depardieu regularly ignores his doctors' advice and offers the gossip press plenty of scandals. Despite having undergone a liver transplant and two bypass surgeries, he has not given up alcohol - particularly not his beloved wine.

Never ending supply of wine 

Depardieu is able to keep his stock of wine full thanks to his own winery, Chateau Tigné in the Loire Valley, which he purchased in 1988. The actor owns another dozen or so wineries around the world, in France, Sicily, Morocco and Algeria.

The result: wines that are fiery and authentic - like Depardieu himself. And he seems to know what he's doing, since connoisseurs approve of the stuff.

For many celebrities that have bought wineries, winemaking remains just a hobby. Click through the gallery above for a handful of stars that take it seriously. 


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