360-degree tour: Heidelberg | Travel Distribution | DW | 19.10.2017
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360-degree tour: Heidelberg

The German National Tourist Board asked tourists from abroad to vote for their favorite attractions in Germany in 2017. Among the top 10 is the Old Town and the castle of Heidelberg. We took a 360-degree tour of it.

Every year the German National Tourist Board asks tourists from abroad to vote for their favorite destinations in Germany. 

DW reporter Elisabeth Yorck von Wartenburg has visited the top 10. Take a 360-degree tour with her to a new destination every week - here on DW Travel. The Old Town and the castle of Heidelberg reached seventh place in the ranking. 

By using the mouse on your computer or your finger on your smartphone, you can decide what you want to see. Just click on the video and drag the pictures where you want them. You can also simply move your smartphone. The video will follow your movements. If you're using a computer, watch the video via Google Chrome. If you have a VR headset, you can watch it in virtual reality.