1.FC Köln | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 19.10.2005
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1.FC Köln

Mannschaftsfoto Saison 2005/06 1. FC Köln

You might get to thinking that Cologne would be used to the joy of promotion and agony of relegation after switching leagues six times since 1998, but is there anyone who can really enjoy the emotional roller coaster?

A new stadium and the long-standing fan enthusiasm create idea conditions for Cologne's chances at staying where they are, but do they have what it takes on the field? Manager Andreas Rettig thinks so. After all, in Podolski he's managed not only to get one of the country's new national heroes but also "the best striker in Germany." It's a title he had some trouble living up to at the beginning of the season, but the German international has refound his form.

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