1970-1974 | Organization | DW | 19.09.2001

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The relay station in Sines, Portugal, begins operations.

"The Baumann Family", DW's new language course, is heard around the world. The program is a cooperative effort with Deutschlandfunk, the Goethe Institute and Inter Nationes.

New at DW-RADIO: the Pushtu and Dari programs for Afghanistan.


The Chinese Service of DW-RADIO is awarded first prize by the Asian

Broadcasting Union (ABU) for a portrait in Mandarin about the Olympic of Munich.

The Wertachtal short wave transmission facility is opened.


The European Television Service GmbH (e-te-s) is brought under the DW roof with the business partners dpa and TransTel.

Negotiations with the BBC are completed for the joint construction of a relay station on the Caribbean island of Antigua.


DW director-general Walter Steigner is re-elected to a second six-year term.

The cornerstone is laid on June 28th for the new DW broadcast house in Cologne. Federal German President Gustav Heinemann takes the trowel himself. The new building for Deutschlandfunk is under construction at the same time next door.

The German Service of DW-RADIO is now operating around the clock.

In four-hour blocks, all transmission directions are served at prime time.

The relay station in Malta begins operations.

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