1965-1969 | Organization | DW | 19.09.2001

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Walter Steigner

Walter Steigner


The Chinese Service begins transmissions and there is now programming in Amharic.

"TransTel" is founded. (German Television Transcription Corporation)

The Deutsche Welle Training Center (DWAZ - today DWFZ) launches its activities providing courses for foreign radio journalists.

The relay station Kigali in Rwanda begins operations.


Walter Steigner, until now director-general of SFB/Freies Berlin is chosen as DW's second director-general by the Broadcasting Board.

He begins his term on March 2, 1968.


The "Prague Spring" and its consequences are the first big test of

Germany's international broadcasting service as "crisis radio".

In view of the developments in Czechoslovakia, programs by DW-RADIO are temporarily extended by around three hours.

As Warsaw Pact troops begin occupying the country, DW provides technical assistance to improve reception in Czechoslovakia.


The next crisis follows on its heels. Due to the military dictatorship in Greece, DW answers by doubling its transmission time in Greek, and above all, with a high degree of credibility. The Greeks still thank DW today for this involvement by remaining loyal to DW programming.

Launch of the Macedonian and Japanese services.

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Christoph Jumpelt

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Corporate Spokesperson

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