″100 classrooms for Afghanistan″: Deutsche Welle and Cap Anamur launch fund drive | Press Releases | DW | 13.06.2003
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Press Releases

"100 classrooms for Afghanistan": Deutsche Welle and Cap Anamur launch fund drive

Germany’s international broadcaster calls on global listeners, viewers and Internet users for assistance

In cooperation with the aid organization Cap Anamur, Deutsche Welle is starting a global campaign for donations. The goal is to fund 100 classrooms in Afghanistan. Germany’s international broadcaster is addressing its global listeners, viewers and Internet users via DW-TV, DW-RADIO and the Internet portal DW-WORLD.DE.

Director General Erik Bettermann and Cap Anamur head Elias Bierdel presented the joint initiative on Friday (13 June) in Berlin. Bettermann said, "Rebuilding the educational system – in particular promoting the education and training of girls and young women – is extremely important for the country’s reconstruction. Funds are urgently needed for this, especially outside of Kabul."

Help rebuild the media

The reconstruction of Afghanistan continues to be at the top of the agenda for the international community. Germany is especially dedicated to this cause and Deutsche Welle is providing extensive media aid. "This fund drive intensifies Deutsche Welle’s existing commitment to Afghanistan. We hope to mobilize our listeners, viewers and Internet users around the world and with their help contribute to improving education," according to the DW Director General. Cap Anamur is a recognized partner for this on location.

Since late autumn 2001, Cap Anamur has been building schools and creating classrooms in Afghanistan’s northern provinces. So far, more than 200 classrooms have been constructed, equipped and turned over to the local authorities. "However, the need is far from fulfilled," said Bettermann.

Eighty percent in Afghanistan are acquainted with DW

Deutsche Welle is an established independent and credible information source in Afghanistan through its many years of programming work and has proved itself a reliable partner. Up to 80 percent of the people are familiar with Germany’s international broadcaster:

DW-RADIO has been broadcasting programmes in Dari and Pashto in the crisis region for over 30 years. DW-TV has worked in Afghanistan for nearly a year. Every day, a news programme is produced in Berlin in the two national languages of Dari and Pashto and transmitted to Kabul, where it is broadcast by Afghan Radio and Television (RTA). DW-WORLD.DE also provides access to audio and video offers.

The Deutsche Welle Training Centre (Radio and TV) has repeatedly held workshops and courses for employees of RTA both in Afghanistan and in Cologne. In addition, Deutsche Welle assists with technical equipment.

13 June 2003

  • Donations can be made around the world online at
  • or by bank transfer to the Donation Account of Cap Anamur
    2 222 222 at the Stadtsparkasse Köln (bank sorting code 37050198)
    Key word: Afghanistan
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  • Find out more about Cap Anamur’s work in Afghanistan at: www.capanamur.de

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