02: Introducing the family | Learn German - first steps | DW | 24.09.2015

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Learn German - first steps

02: Introducing the family

Which of your family members would you like to introduce? Your brother? Your sister? Learn the German terms.

Watch video 01:46

Introducing the family (FLV)

Wortfeld – Word field

die Familie – family

die Mutter – mother

der Vater – father

die Eltern – parents

die Großmutter – grandmother

die Oma – grandma, granny

der Großvater – grandfather

der Opa – grandpa

die Tante – aunt

der Onkel – uncle

die Schwester – sister

der Bruder – brother

die Ehefrau – wife

der Ehemann – husband

das Kind – child

die Tochter – daughter

der Sohn – son

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