| Global 3000 - The Globalization Program | DW | 12.04.2012
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Global 3000

Kate was recruited to the GLOBAL 3000 team from DW radio.

Used to conjuring up pictures with her words; she now works with images on the screen, as well as in the mind. As host, she enjoys her role as the human thread linking the diverse stories which form the Global 3000 tapestry. Kate’s interests lie in the intersection of the personal with the political: Those moments in which an individual struggle or story connects with something bigger. Literature is full of such moments, so it will probably come as no surprise to find that Kate's academic background is in English and European literature. Whilst a student at Cambridge University, Kate spent most of her time in dingy drama studios learning that mastery of language is often redundant without mastery of gesture… a training which she often has cause to remember!

A deep-rooted love of storytelling informs both Kate’s work for DW, and her projects as an independent radio producer. Recent projects include a documentary feature on the German philosopher Walter Benjamin and an exploration of French and German attitudes towards motherhood - both for BBC Radio 4.

Kate’s love-affair with Germany began as a teenager teaching English during a gap year in Düsseldorf. Her relationship to the country has changed and developed over the years but she remains fiercely loyal to a nation in which the Arts continue to hold a key place in public and political discourse.