Youth Forum for The Referendum | Karte | DW | 28.03.2011
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Youth Forum for The Referendum


The "Youth Forum for the Referendum" (members dressed in orange shirts) was set up by Southern Sudan government representatives and members of the political parties of Southern Sudan. The Forum sends activists to outlying districts and to remote rural villages to inform the people about the purpose and consequences of a referendum. In a society as ethnically and culturally diverse as Southern Sudan, this is an enormous challenge. Yar Manyuon, activist of the „Youth Forum for the Referendum“ says: „Here we have about five members of us, we speak different languages, this is because these rural communities are mixed of many tribes, you may come to their house and you cannot communicate with them, they may not speak english or arabic.“ People who struggle to survive every day have little time to attend political events. It would mean a loss of income. The overwhelming result of the referendum is a clear indication of the "Youth Forum for the referendum´s" strong commitment.
Photographer: Oliver G. Becker