GLOBAL IDEAS Editorial Team Netiquette | Global Ideas | DW | 14.09.2010
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Global Ideas

GLOBAL IDEAS Editorial Team Netiquette

Deutsche Welle would like to use their offerings on and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to interact with you. We emphasize the importance of friendly and respectful interaction.


Please respect our DW-Netiquette rules. The editorial team reserves the right to screen comments or to shorten them. Comments that violate our journalistic principles will be deleted and if necessary, be reported. Furthermore, we reserve the right to block users who repeatedly ignore the rules.

1. Language
Please enter your content in German or English. Content in other languages will be deleted.

2. Content
All racist, pornographic, sexist, xenophobic, discriminating or insulting content will be deleted. The same goes for agitative propaganda or contents that promote violence. Trolling or flaming is prohibited. Chain letters, junk mail, spam, promotional materials or advertising material are prohibited. Such contents will immediately be deleted. Deutsche Welle reserves the right to block users who distribute such contents and to report them.

Please note that all contents should be related strictly to the contents of our offerings. Non-related discussions should be avoided in the interest of all users and they will be deleted by editorial staff. The same goes for cross posting.

3. Conversational Tone
Please try to express yourself in a fair and objective manner even if disagreements arise. Accept the opinions of others and avoid making personal attacks. Treat others the way you would like them to treat you.

4. Content Form
Please avoid writing entirely in upper case letters. This could be interpreted as yelling". Please avoid repeated punctuation or characters (???? or !!!!)

To avoid long download times, please make sure your audio or video material does not exceed a length of 10 minutes. PDFs should not be longer than 5 minutes.

5. Copyright / Quotes
When you post quotes by other members, please make sure they are recognizable as such. If you quote famous people, newspaper articles, books etc. please state the source or author. If you use copyright protected contents please ensure that you have acquired rights of use. If you are not sure about the rights, then please do not use the content. This refers to images, videos, music etc.

6. Privacy
The publication of private information such as addresses or phone numbers is not permitted. Contents in private mails or messages from third parties cannot be published without consent of the involved parties. In your own personal interest, please avoid publishing private information such as phone number or postal address.

You accept these guidelines by taking part in our social network offerings such as Twitter, Facebook (and others). The same goes for the use of comment functions or other public feedback opportunities in DW-WORLD's offering.

Please note that Deutsche Welle does not accept liability for potential errors, damage or loss of data.

We hope you enjoy your discussions.