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Germany in the world
Germany in the Women's World Cup
German politics
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Deutschland | Angela Merkel mit Windrädchen (picture-alliance/AP/G. Breloer)

Whatever happened to the 'climate chancellor'?

Anti-Semitism in Germany

Angela Merkel und Andrea Nahles (picture-alliance/dpa/B. Pedersen)

Merkel's coalition in doubt

Visiting Germany
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Video-Still SoMe DW-Stories Grundgesetz Englisch (DW)

'Dignity for the homeless!'

Video-Still SoMe DW-Stories Grundgesetz Englisch (DW)

'I want to be provocative, too'

Video-Still SoMe DW-Stories Grundgesetz Englisch (DW)

'I want to learn freely!'

Video-Still SoMe DW-Stories Grundgesetz Englisch (DW)

'Don't abort us!'

Video-Still SoMe DW-Stories Grundgesetz Englisch (DW)

'Affordable housing through expropriation!'

Life in Germany
Brexit: The view from Berlin
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Frank-Walter Steinmeier: 'Brexit and its consequences have dominated' EU agenda  

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Frank-Walter Steinmeier: 'Brexit and its consequences have dominated' EU agenda

Angela Merkel (picture-alliance/dpa/S. Rousseau)

Merkel vows to work for 'orderly Brexit' after May leaves

Deutschland Autoterminal der BLG Logistics Group in Bremerhaven | Mercedes Neuwagen (picture-alliance/dpa/I. Wagner)

German firms "not prepared" for Brexit

Brits in Germany during Brexit

Can Germans conquer whisky?

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DW Stammtisch - Jill Petzinger, Damien McGuinness, Michaela Küfner und Almut Moeller. (DW/K. Brady)

Stammtisch: GroKo on the brink — again!

Global Media Forum 2019 DW Stammtisch (DW/S. Sedar)

Stammtisch: Would I lie to you, baby?

DW Stammtisch Podcast (DW/K. Kaminsky)

Stammtisch - Populism: dirty politics or breaking taboo?  

Stammtisch Gäste Episode 68 (DW)

Stammtisch - Eurovision meet EU elections

Berlin Stammtisch (DW/K. Brady)

Stammtisch - Weapon of choice: German arms sales

Berlin DW-Stammtisch (DW/Kate Brady)

Stammtisch - Tanze Samba mit mir: Germany and Latin America

Watch video 06:44

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Motor mobil 23-19 (DW)

Brazilian bestseller: VW Brasilia

DW Eco Africa - Traffic problems in Bonn, Germany

Making inroads in Bonn's fight against traffic

Deutsch-Südwestafrika Zeichnung Hererokrieg Hereroaufstand (picture-alliance/akg-images)

Namibians want Germany to remove monuments

Ostseepipeline Nord Stream 2 (picture-alliance/dpa/S. Sauer)

Germany needs more Russian gas

Syrien Fotografie Gesellschaft (DW)

Germany: How do refugees assimilate?

Berlin's Eritrean community

German startups embrace AI

Medical objects from Tanzania (Martin Franken/SMB)

Confronting Germany's colonial past

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Daily Drone - Inselstadt Malchow (DW/A. Götzmann)

#DailyDrone: Schminke House, Löbau

Daily Drone Schloss Celle ohne (DW/A. Götzmann)

#DailyDrone: Celle Palace

Daily Drone (DW/André Götzmann)

#DailyDrone: Southern Wine Route

Daily Drone 14.11.17 (DW)

#DailyDrone: Old Town Hall Bonn

 Daily Drone

#DailyDrone: Lehnin Monastery

Deutschland Schöne Urlaubsorte (Bildergalerie) Harz (picture-alliance/dpa/H. Schmidt)

#DailyDrone: Hexentanzplatz, Thale