Episode 45 – In the House of the Romantics | Radio D - Част 2 | DW | 26.06.2009
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Radio D - Част 2

Episode 45 – In the House of the Romantics

At the end of their stay in Jena, the two reporters visit a particularly fascinating museum. In the House of the Romantics they make the acquaintance of several famous German thinkers of the 18th century.

Paula and Philipp on their way to an old house.

In the museum it's quieter than in the optics plant

The House of the Romantics in Jena is devoted to early Romanticism. Here visitors can learn more about the new ways of thinking of the era and learn about the attempt at an intellectual and poetic revolution. The two journalists from Radio D take the listeners with them on a foray through the museum and introduce them to Fichte, Novalis and the salon of Caroline Schlegel.

With so much going on at the same time it stands to reason that the professor should explain the conjunctions "als" and "wenn", which can be used to describe simultaneous events.

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