Episode 35 – Beethoven Plays Beethoven | Radio D - Част 2 | DW | 25.06.2009
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Radio D - Част 2

Episode 35 – Beethoven Plays Beethoven

The two journalists from Radio D are still puzzling over whether the music students are right with their suspicions. But Eulalia is again one step ahead of them. She too has made a night–time discovery.

Eulalia sits in the dark next to a man at her wing.

Eulalia takes the investigation into her own hands

Eulalia surprisingly appears in Bonn and comes to the aid of Paula and Philipp once again. She has already seen the unknown pianist and knows where the music is coming from. The reporters from Radio D follow Eulalia's advice to conduct an interview with the "young Beethoven." But will they manage to find the musician?

Even though Paula and Philipp have still not succeeded in finding out the explanation for the strange piano concerts, our professor can show us how to go about conquering something as he tackles subordinate clauses.

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