Episode 34 – Spook in the Beethoven House | Radio D - Част 2 | DW | 25.06.2009
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Radio D - Част 2

Episode 34 – Spook in the Beethoven House

Philipp and Paula want to find out who is playing the piano so beautifully in the Beethoven House each night. In a street cafe they find out some interesting things. Have they got a hot lead or is it just rumors?

The reporters from Radio D in a street cafe. Other people in the background.

What do the students know about the strange events?

After a short night Paula and Philipp are sitting in a street cafe when they overhear an interesting conversation. Three music students seem to have a suspicion about who the night–time pianist could be. Paula and Philipp learn of an especially gifted and mysterious music student who everyone calls "Beethoven".

While Philipp and Paula wonder who the passionate pianist in the Beethoven House is, our professor passionately devotes his time to indirect question phrases without an interrogative.


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