Episode 30 – Jan Becker | Radio D 系列二 | DW | 26.06.2009
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Radio D 系列二

Episode 30 – Jan Becker

In the bar in Grünheide a young man suddenly appears who Paula takes along to the finishing line of the race in Möllensee. What does the stranger know about the unusual race and what links him to Radio D?

Paula drives a car with an unrecognizable man.

What does the stranger Jan Becker know?

As Philipp's car won't start, Jan Becker, who Paula met shortly before in the bar, comes unexpectedly to their aid. While Philipp stays in Grünheide, Paula drives with Jan to Möllensee. That is where the race is supposed to finish. On the way Paula learns something about the stranger that she really should have known already …

The Professor also looks to the past and examines the preterit forms of the modal verbs "müssen" and "wollen".