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新闻;埃及前总统穆巴拉克接受法庭审讯; 美债危机暂时缓解 中国作出回应;中国官方是否放出了治理微博的信号?台湾白玫瑰要求加速修订性侵害防治法。之后是德语媒体看中国;最后是短信平台节目。

This video image taken from Egyptian State Television shows 83-year-old Hosni Mubarak speaking into a microphone as he lies on a hospital bed inside a cage of mesh and iron bars in a Cairo courtroom Wednesday Aug. 3, 2011 as his historic trial began on charges of corruption and ordering the killing of protesters during the uprising that ousted him. The scene, shown live on Egypt's state TV, was Egyptians' first look at their former president since Feb. 10, the day before his fall when he gave a defiant speech refusing to resign. (Foto:Egyptian State TV/AP/dapd) EGYPT OUT